Step 1. Meet the Minimum Requirement

Subject Level
Chinese Language 3
English Language 3
Mathematics 2
Citizenship and Social Development Attained
Best Elective Subject 1 3
Best Elective Subject 2 or M1/M2 3


Step 2. Admission Formula for Integrated BBA Programme


Total Grade Points of Best 5 Subjects + bonus points^ (6th and 7th Subjects)


HKDSE Results Level 5** Level 5* Level 5 Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
Grade points 8.5 7 5.5 4 3 2 1


Step 3. Subject Weighting for Integrated BBA Programme

Programme Admission Score
No. of Subject to be Considered Subject Weighting
Chinese Language English Language Maths Citizenship and Social Development Elective Subjects (Including M1/M2)
Integrated BBA
Best 5 1 1 1 Attained 1:M1/M2, all elective subjects



  1. The “Attained” level in Citizenship and Social Development (CS) will not be considered in the calculation of admission scores.
  2. For Liberal Studies (LS) subject taken in 2023 or before, a Level 2 or above will be considered as “Attained” in Citizenship and Social Development. The LS level will not be considered in the calculation of admission scores.
  3. For Integrated Science or Combined Science subject(s) taken in 2023 or before, a Level 3 or above will be considered as an unspecified elective subject where applicable.

Programme Weighted Admission Score
Median 26.00 *
Lower Quartile 24.50 *
(Best 5 subjects) for 2023 Entry


Quota for Local Students
For 2024 Entry

Total Reference Score of Best 5 HKDSE Subjects (2023 Entry)

Upper Quartile Median Lower Quartile
27.5 26 24.5

1. All figures and information are provided for reference only.
2. The scores are calculated on the basis of programme weighted admission score formulas. The formulas (and other assessment criteria, if any) are subject to ongoing review.
3. CUHK Business School also considers an applicant’s whole profile on top of admission scores and interview performance (if applicable).
4. Grade Point Conversion for Other Language Subjects are: A=7; B=5.5; C=4; D=2.5; E=1.
5. The Best 5 subjects may include either Maths M1/M2 or Other Language subject but not both.
6. Maths (Compulsory Part) and Maths M1/M2 are considered as two different subjects.
7. IBBA programme does not accept Applied Learning subjects as an extra elective subject (i.e. the 6th or 7th subject).
8. Admission Grades of JUPAS Applicants (2023 Entry): Reference Score
^ Bonus points will be awarded to up to the 6th and 7th subjects.
* Category B: Applied Learning Subjects, Category C: Other Language Subjects, and Bonus points are not included in this calculation.


  • 1. How will Mathematics Extended Part I and II be considered?

    For the IBBA programme, Extended Modules in Mathematics would be counted as one of the Elective Subjects, but it is not a must for student to take M1 / M2. The Best 5 subjects may include either Mathematics M1/M2 or an Other Language subject but not both.

  • 6. Will my Other Learning Experiences be considered?

    IBBA programme will consider your experiences and achievements in Other Learning Experiences (OLE) as submitted under the Other Experiences and Achievements in Competitions/ Activities (OEA) template of your JUPAS application form. You may also submit your Student Learning Profile (SLP) through JUPAS for reference. If you are invited for interviews, you may also present your portfolio. The information may provide topics for discussion during interviews.