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Study Path Foundation Courses More Details Adjustment to University LifeStudy the Freshman Handbook Apply for Apply for Apply forExplore differentConcentrations Plan for Double Major Plan for Minors Year 1 Term 1 Year 1 Concentration Briefing and ConcentrationActivitiesMore Details MAJOR MAJOR Double MajorOption More Details MINOR Minor Options More Details D Double Degree Option More Details Asian Business Studies More Details International Business andChinese Enterprise More Details Year 2 4 Take Courses for Concentration(s), Second Major and Minors Graduate with Single Concentration DoubleConcentrations DoubleMajors Year 2 4 Take Courses for Concentration(s), Second Degree Courses and Minors Graduate with a Degree in BBA Graduate with a Minor in Journalism and Communication Graduate with Double Degrees in BBA and BSSc in Journalism and Communication Year 4 Year 5 (Additional Year of Study) Year 2 Study at IE Business School, Spain TwoDegrees Year 3 Study atIE Business School, Spain Graduate with Year 4 Dual Degree Programme with IE Business School Study at CUHK Business School