4 + 1 = Double Degrees

1st of its kind in Hong Kong

IBBA students also have the option to pursue a second degree offered by the School of Journalism and Communication. This 4 + 1 programme jointly offered by the CUHK Business School and the CUHK School of Journalism and Communication is the first of its kind in Hong Kong. Students will complete all of the requirements for the Integrated BBA degree in the first four years. The extra year for to pursuing the study of the Journalism and Communication Programme will be self-financed. Graduates will be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (Integrated BBA Programme) – Bachelor of Social Science (Journalism and Communication Programme) (BBA-JLM).
  • Applying to the BBA-JLM Double Degree

    Application for the double degree option would be open every June/July.

    Interested students should declare their interest to enroll in the BBA-JLM double degree option during their first year of study in the IBBA Programme.

    During around the graduation period of the first degree, students who have declared interest in the BBA-JLM double degree option in their first year of study will be requested to fill in the “Declaration Form for Registration of Second Degree” to declare whether they will continue to study and register the second degree in Journalism and Communication in the following academic year, subject to the fulfillment of the prescribed admission requirements.

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